Credit Education Program

 Identify Ways to Decrease Spending and
Increase Income

Importance of Credit

Having a good credit score makes it easier to borrow money and access credit solutions with lower interest rates! 

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Course Objectives

Our Credit education program provides key points to fix or maintain your credit score.

Common debt traps to avoid
  • Late fees are more expensive than you think
  • Rent-to-own stores are terribly expensive
  • Over-improving your home
  • Co-signing a loan
Understand why credit is important
  • Makes it easier to borrow money in the future
  • Can affect your ability to obtain employment, housing, and insurance
  • Is convenient when you do not have cash
Obtaining a FREE annual Credit Report
  • Once every 12 months
  • You can obtain one if you are turned down for credit
  • When you apply for consumer loan
How lenders evaluate borrowers
  • Capacity: Your ability to meet payments
  • Capital: Value of your assets and net worth
  • Character: How you paid your bills or debts in the past
  • Collateral: Property/assets used to secure the loan
Build, maintain and repair your credit history
  • Be proactive, contact your lenders immediately
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Keep your levels low

Rebuild Your Credit


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