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Significantly cheaper than payday loans. Apply in minutes and receive your funds in less than 2 business days*


Credit score will NOT be affected.

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Bi-Weekly payroll deductions*

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Why LoansAtWork is the best option?

The LoansAtWork employee benefit program helps employers protect their most valuable assets – their employees – from predatory payday lenders.

BMG Money - Emergency Lending

On-line process

Easy application process. Apply in less than 5
minutes from any device.

BMG Money - Emergency Lending

Build your credit history

Payments are reported to the credit bureaus. This helps build your credit history.

BMG Money - Emergency Lending

Automated repayments

Choose to repay your loan over 6 to 24 months of payroll deductions.

Significantly cheaper than payday lenders

Our Customers have saved approximately*

How does it Work?

What our customers say?

BMG Money - Emergency Lending

Job Pierre-Louis was very friendly helpful, he made the loan process very easy. I was in and out within 10 minutes.

Quaneesha B.
BMG Money - Emergency Lending

...Within 5 minutes documents were uploaded and i was approved. he just made my day/week. couldn't thank him and BMG enough!

Jennifer R.
BMG Money - Emergency Lending

This loan is going to help me with so much I got going on right now!

Tasia D.
BMG Money - Emergency Lending

They have not only helped me with 2 loans but have also help to improve my credit score by reporting my payment history. Thanks BMG you have a life time customer with me!

Patrick S.
BMG Money - Emergency Lending
Better Business Bureaus
BMG Money - Emergency Lending

Frequently asked questions

How do I know that I am eligible?
If you have been employed for at least one year, are over 18 years of age, are not active in the military and are not in bankruptcy, you may be eligible. Also you must be employed by one of the employers we work with. To see if your employer qualifies, click here terms and conditions may apply.
How soon can I get my money?
Your money is generally available 1-2 business days after you are approved, depending on your chosen funding method.
How does this application affect my credit score?
We do not pull credit reports however we do report your credit payments to the credit bureaus.
Do I need to get my spouse to sign anything?
No, your transaction is private and does not require another person.
Are there any hidden fees or costs?
No, your payment amounts are fixed for the life of your loan. The only fee is a credit investigation fee which varies depending on the state you live in, charged at the beginning of the loan term.
What happens if I leave my current employer?
If you leave your employer for any reason, we will work with you to set up a payment plan outside of the workplace.
What happens if I take a temporary leave without pay?
Your payments will resume upon your return and then extended until the loan is paid in full.
Who can I call for help?
Call customer service at 800.316.8507 or send us an e-mail: