LoansAtWork is an emergency loan program that helps your employees in times of need.

Good for employees

LoansAtWork is an essential and innovative benefit that enables employers to dramatically improve their employees’ financial well-being and help them lead more productive, happier lives – all with no cost or risk to your organization.

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LoansAtWork provides short-term employment-based loans to workers in need.

Tremendous Value to Employees
  • Important lifeline for employees too often taken advantage of by predatory payday lenders
  • Employees can manage unexpected expenses, over time, with fixed, affordable payments
  • We do not need to review employees’ credit scores – guaranteeing access to those employees most in need
  • We report loan performance to credit bureaus – payroll deductions ensure timely repayments
Critical Safeguards
  • Loan amounts based upon income, and all employees must complete an on-line budget review
  • Only one loan-at-a-time, only one loan per household
  • Only simple interest – no compounding, and loans are unsecured with no risk to employees’ homes, cars or bank accounts
  • No balloon payments, no late fees, no penalty rates, no pre-payment penalties
Financial Literacy
  • We provide financial literacy training sessions for all employees – whether they are LoansAtWork customers or not
  • No cost to our employer clients or their employees
  • Based on the FDIC’s Money Smart curriculum
  • All customers have free access to the Balance Financial Fitness program – counseling; debt management; workshops; webinars; on-line tools
No Cost / No Risk
  • Our employer clients never pay any fees or costs to offer the LoansAtWork program
  • Our employer clients never bear any risk nor guarantee any loans – when employees separate, our clients have no risk
  • We reimburse our clients for out-of-pocket expenses of any kind
  • No minimum participation requirements; employers may cancel any time; no exclusivity
Ease of Administration
  • Our proprietary technology allow us to manage the program and take on all administrative burden, minimizing impact on our clients
  • We handle all enrollments and eligibility through our simple process
  • We calculate all payroll deductions and manage all loan accounting and servicing
Experience & Qualifications
  • More than 60 employer clients offer LoansAtWork.
  • Funded more than $170 million in loans.
  • Leadership team – each has more than 10 years in the payroll-deduction loan business

Market Options


  Rate Cost and Access Ending Balance
Payday Loans 266% $510 YES.
Anyone with a job
Credit Cards 25%
$88 NO.
Good credit required
LoansAtWork 23.99%* $58 YES
At least 1 year at job
Credit Union
Platinum Credit Card
18% $51 NO
Good credit required
Credit Union
Signature Loan
16% $23 NO
Minimum credit score

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