Affordable personal loans with no FICO credit score required.

Apply in minutes and receive your funds.

To apply for a loan that does not include an electronic fund transfer repayment feature, please e-mail

Affordable personal loans with no credit score required

Significantly cheaper than payday loans. Apply in minutes and receive your funds. Same day funding available.

FICO Credit score will NOT be affected.

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Why BMG Money is the best option?

BMG Money offers emergency loan programs that allow you to borrow responsibly and repay debt in affordable installments.

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No Credit
Score Required

Bad credit is not a problem when
Applying with us.


Interest Rate
Match Guaranteed

Our goal is to provide the best price
possible for our customers.


Easy Application

Apply Online in Less Than
5 minutes from any device.


Affordable and Automated

Automated payments 
guarantee that you are always on time.

Build Your Credit

We report all loan payments to the credit bureaus which aids in establishing credit.


Save More

Take Advantage of additional resources
from discounts on goods and services free credit education.