Who We Are

We are the first and best company in the U.S. to offer workplace emergency loans that allow working Americans to solve unexpected problems in an affordable and responsible manner.

We help our customers escape the predatory payday loan trap, saving them thousands of dollars and transforming their lives. We combine near-term access to fairly-priced loans with financial literacy education and other programs to help employees make the best long-term decisions.

Our Company

Miami-based BMG Money, Inc. is a fully-licensed consumer finance lender that offers a better way - the innovative LoansAtWork employee loan benefit program.

BMG Money harnesses the innovation of one of Brazil’s most successful consumer financial products to offer a responsible credit option to employees in the United States.

We are proud to partner with our clients - some of Florida’s most important public, private and non-profit employers - to offer a better way for people with stable employment to access affordable credit. By focusing on employment based lending, we are able to help those most in need, when they need it.




License Type



CF9900716, CF9901087

Consumer Finance Company

BMG Money, Inc.


60DBO-57636, 60DBO-61749, 60DBO-72945

Finance Lender

BMG LoansAtWork, LLC



Consumer Installment Lender

BMG LoansAtWork, LLC



Consumer Credit Notification

BMG Money, Inc.

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