The government is currently in a partial shutdown at this time because the Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on the funding needed for the wall between the US-Mexican border. While the politicians fight over the wall the federal workers have to suffer. It has been several days since the current shutdown and the federal employees are already feeling the financial pain. Since the shutdown about 800,000 employees have been affected across a 25% of government agencies. USA Today posted some very emotional tweets by some federal employees and these tweets showed just how serious this situation is. Instead of people being happy on Christmas and enjoying their families they were worried about rent, bills, hospital bills, and a vast number of other expenses. A single mother whose Twitter name is MJ4ever posted ” I am a single mother of three with no help. Not knowing if I can pay rent or feed my family next week it’s hard and all that’s on my mind this day of Christmas when I should be happy. My kids feel my anxiety too.” These types of stories are posted all over USA

This shutdown is affecting entrepreneurs who have government contracts,TSA agents, coastguards, law enforcement and many more. The government employees are set to receive their normal regular paycheck between December 28, 2018 and January 3, 2019. After this, employees have a chance of not receiving any further pay until the shutdown ends.

One small light at the end of the tunnel remains for these employees, because even though employees are missing paychecks during the shutdown period, the Senate has passed a bill already guaranteeing that the employees will be paid after the shutdown. The repayment also depends on how quickly the agencies can provide payback and at this time this information is not available. Some non-exempt government employees can be placed on a furlough. A shutdown furlough is when any agency does not have enough money to operate and this shutdown has to meet the standards of the Office of Management Budget. There are ways for the employees to receive assistance from the government in these difficult times. If they have a Thrift Savings Plan the employees can take a financial hardship withdrawal but unfortunately this does come with restrictions and in some cases penalties as well.

There are programs available offering emergency loans for federal employees. These allotment loans for feds are available through companies like BMG Money.

BMG Money provides low-cost loans for federal employees. Once an individual is approved it takes only two business days for the money to be deposited into an individual’s account. The loan does not affect a person’s FICO score when they apply. The government shutdown is not impacting the wages of the higher branches of government, only the non-exempt employees who are just trying to make a living. Companies such as BMG Money are providing the short term lending that is desperately needed during this time.

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