In light of recent hurricanes impacting the United States, much of the Southeast is still reeling from flood damage and fallen debris. The will to survive and help one another has never been stronger than right now, and many are asking – “how can I make sure that I’m really helping?”

It’s easy to be skeptical of dollar donations. There have been so many reports of fraud over the years, we understand. However, here’s why it’s best to get directly on the website of your favorite charity and donate whatever income you can spare. Yes – even $1.

How to Make Relief Dollars Go Further

Goods Require Volunteer Labor

It’s tempting to look into your cabinets and choose canned goods, clothing, and other goods to donate. However, these goods that you’re donating often have a cost associated with them. They require volunteers sorting them by category, others to transport them, and still more volunteers to get them to those in need. This is why so much donated clothing ends up being sold, rather than making it to the intended destination.

Charitable Organizations Purchase in Bulk

Organizations like the American Red Cross can make large purchases directly from manufacturers, often for pennies. A dollar that may buy one can of soup to donate, would help them buy four or more with the same dollar! Not only does it go further, it can be delivered directly to the location all at once, with a known inventory.

Text Donations Require Additional Processing

While text donations are generous, easy to make, and can be financed through your cellular provider, they are not the most efficient method. When you select your charity, and donate directly on their website, they receive that money nearly instantly. Text donations require processing time, which often cannot be spared during relief efforts.

Remember though, there is no wrong way to donate. If you, or your family, is located in an area that has been ravaged by a storm, and need short-term lending to get yourself back on your feet – please contact us for a review of your situation. BMG Money is located in Miami, Florida and understands how needs change during storm clean-up. We will discuss your individual situation, and work with you to come up with a manageable finance plan.

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